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Pink orcidMy name is Nancy. I was born in 1958, and was educated at the Norwegian Academy of Music - saxophone major, and Berklee College of Music - Jazz composition & arranging major.

The past years I have been living in Portugal, in Funchal on the beautiful, subtropical Madeira island - The Pearl of the Atlantic. You can find my photo page, FotoMadeira on Facebook!

I am teaching Norwegian at "Folkeuniversitetet Øst". I have also been teaching at the well known "Berlitz Virtual Classroom" (BVC), but after that I have been Lead Instructor - Recruiting and Training at BVC. I also have quite a few private students through my web site,!

My windowI love animals - especially the fantastic dog breed Flat coated retriever, flowers & plants, and the nature in general. Of course, I love music! Big band music is among my favorites. Portuguese Fado is very close to my heart.

My son, Anders (1977) is a certified welder, steel worker and industrial mechanic.

Nature, fishing and hunting is what he likes the most. See what he coughed at "Big Game Fishing" in Madeira!

Like his mother he is very found of animals, and he is very good with them. Odin and Rummy were both a good friend here in Funchal.

Anders is without any doubt musically talented. He used to play a bit guitar, and danced hip-hop when he was younger. It took many years until he brought his talent to further use and joined a vocal group!